About Us

The Kettlicious Kettle Corn Story…

Kettle Corn Popcorn Masters | KettliciousKettleCorn.comKettlicious was born out of desperation. On the wisdom of “Necessity being the mother of all invention”, Chris Tredinnick reinvented himself as a Master Popper and clever escape artist from the suit and tie. With a slow start and sweltering summers in FL, he’s since returned to the investment wholesaling world, only to summarily be beckoned back to Kettlicious with a desire to balance the two, harmoniously.

A Master Popper

I am the Master Popper!! There is no corn I can’t POP! ….whatever that means….However, my exuberance is tempered by my partner in crime, ah, err, I mean business, the VOR (Voice of Reason), my beautiful Redhead, DiAnna. It is her attention to detail that has allowed Kettlicious to flourish.

Why Our Customers Love Kettlicious Kettle Corn

We provide glorious gold balls of deliciousness using the highest quality mushroom style popcorn, corn oil, sugar and salt. We do not cut corners with soy or other inferior oils or lower quality corn.

Our mission is to give you a relatively healthy cheat-treat, a trip down memory lane for some, and a brand new experience for others!

Come on and eat yourself happy!