Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Here’s what they’re saying about us…



I can eat this stuff for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. The perfect combo of salt and sweet. More please!”

~Stacey Kaiser


If the pot at the end of the rainbow was a KETTLE of Kettlicious Kettle Corn, that just might be all the golden nuggets anyone could ever need! At the very least, it would be an extraordinarily lucky day and worthy of a happy dance (or jig if you’re Irish!) This is THE BEST kettle corn on the planet!”

~Lori Powell


It’s (addictive) like crack!”

~Barbara Grassey


DiAnna and Chris are amazing Cornstar’s! Kettiliciouse Kettle Corn is the best kettle corn my family and I have ever had. It’s always freshly popped and served with a smile. The Cornstar’s were nice enough to send us a batch for the holidays and it was as fresh as onsite. Great product, excellent service, awesome delivery! Best kettle corn ever!”

~Dana Alex McCalley-Davenport


I first was introduced to The Corn when last Christmas a friend sent us a couple of bags for Christmas….Needless to say, that friend jumped about three rings of inner-circle closer to me…not sure whether that is circles/rings of hell (can you say, Jimmy CRACK corn…addiction?) or heaven..”

~Michael “KK Freak”


This is the Best popcorn in the world! Buy twice as much as you think you can eat!”

~Bobby Shepherd


I never liked kettle corn. Then I tried Kettlicious Kettle Corn on a visit to Florida a few years ago. Now I am hooked. Every year one of my first stops is to get my corn fix! I’ve even ordered a bag thru the mail. It arrived fresh and delicious as always. I live in NH and haven’t found any as good…even at our many state fairs! The best gift from my son was a bag of Kettlicious Kettle Corn brought in his suitcase on his last visit Marc Manna. Thank you, thank you for making such a delicious product!”

~Sara Blay


Your popcorn is the best kettle corn I’ve ever had in my whole life. It’s so good, I sent it to,my entire family in Boston for the holidays last year. Sure you can quote me…but doesn’t everybody already know it’s the best?”

~Julie Leiman Weaver


Hmmm, simply put, Kettlicious Kettle Corn is magic in your mouth. Seriously, none other compares. After my first two bags I had to swear off of it. For a while anyway…”

~Pat Patterson


I’m RICH! Not just one. . . but TWO delicious bags of KKC were found at the end of today’s rainbow! And miraculously, the rainbow came right to my front door!!! Oh, lucky me. . . and a VERY happy hubby! Mmmmmmm!!! Can’t stop nibbling!!”

~Lori Powell


Thanks for the kettle corn. The family loves it”

~AJ Puedan

All Things Cornographic

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Cornstars - DiAnna & Chris | KettliciousKettleCorn.comHey there folks! Welcome to all things Cornographic!

Well maybe not all things but certainly most everything when you’re visiting Kettlicious Kettle Corn. This is our inaugural post and in the future we hope to bring you news of our activities, the relationships with our wonderful customers and clients, and any and all things that will hopefully enrich all of our lives.

Many thanks goes to Julie Larson, proprietor of CloudBloomers.com who created our website and helped to set us on the path of internet commerce prosperity and enlightenment!!

Kettlicious Kettle Corn as Corporate Gifts

In the coming weeks we will be reaching out to former colleagues in the investment wholesaling business to offer our Kettle Corn as a gift item to their clients and top producers. Other sales organizations can benefit by offering this tasty treat as well. We have the ability to include a one page brochure or product sales flyer in the box of Kettle Corn along with a message from you to your customer.

A heartfelt ‘Thank you’ goes out to all of our friends, family and supporters through out this crazy journey.

Cornographically yours,

The Cornstars